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Question Bank

QwikTest supports the following question types.
To manage questions, log in to the admin account and select Manage Questions > Questions from the sidebar menu.
To create a question, click on the New Question button from the top right, and choose the question type.


In the Details section, select skill, enter the question and options, and select the correct answer.
Refer to the specific question type documentation page to learn how to configure options specific to the question type


In the Settings section, customize the topic, difficulty level, default marks, and default time to solve.
You must set Default Marks and Default Time of a question.
  • Default Marks will be used to calculate the test total maks when auto-grading is enabled.
  • Default Time will be used to calculate the test total time when auto-duration is enabled.


In the Solution section, provide the hint and solution to the question. You can also add a video to the solution.
The solution can be shown in results and practice set feedback. So, providing a solution to a question is a good practice.


In the Attachment section, choose any one of the available attachments if necessary. For more details on this, refer Question Attachments section.