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Support & FAQ

Before purchase, read the following.

  • PHP >= 7.4.10 and MySQL >= 5.7.24 is must.
  • Currently, the system doesn't include a payment gateway. QwikTest is primarily implemented to help educational institutions and companies conduct tests for their students and employees internally. In the coming updates, we will implement a store with payment gateways but no ETA.
  • Supports all modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Edge. Internet Explorer is not supported as it is discontinued.
  • Front-end source code implemented in Vue.js is not included in the Regular License and will be provided upon the purchase of the Extended License.

When can I request support?

  • If you have issues with the installation or configuration of functionality within QwikTest.
  • If something is not working in the way it should.
  • If you find bugs or security issues.

When is support out of the scope of Qwiktest?

  • Requesting customization services.
  • Integration with 3rd party applications (Tools, POS, ERP, SAAS, CMS, etc.)
  • Integration with a new payment gateway.
  • If the application core files (PHP, JS, VUE, CSS, HTML, BLADE, JSON) files are modified or edited in any way, we will not provide support unless all files are restored to their original form of the corresponding version.
  • If the Database is modified (creating, updating, or deleting) manually, the support is void until a fresh install is done or a backup of the original Database is restored (if available)

Channels for Support?

We respond to item comments, but to get faster support, create a ticket on our HelpDesk Portal. Usually, we respond to tickets within 24-48 hours. However, in some cases, it can take a max of 3-5 business days, depends upon the volume of issues you mentioned in the ticket.

Refund Policy?

Please view our refund policy here https://codecanyon.net/page/customer_refund_policy