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Change Log

Change log and Version history

1.3.0 - 15/02/2022


  • Quiz attempts issue
  • Quiz report PDF Timezone issue
  • Quiz attempts issue
  • High/Low Score issue in some cases
  • Video playing issue in macOS
  • Success/Error message quick disappearing issue
  • Page titles are now translateable


  • Select/Change syllabus feature
  • Shuffle/randomize questions in a quiz
  • Paid Quizzes, Practice Sets, Lessons & Videos
  • Plans & subscriptions with customized pricing
  • Razorpay Payment Gateway Integration
  • Bank Payments & Approvals
  • Manually add users to subscription
  • Add Multiple Taxes to the Order
  • Direct discounts to the plans
  • View/Print Invoices
  • Test Schedules Calendar in User Dashboard
  • Learning with Lessons
  • Learning with Videos
  • Search/Filter Questions, Lessons & Videos by Tags
  • Enable/Disable debug mode from maintenance settings
  • Improved Quiz screen and question palette
  • Online/Offline detection in quiz screen

1.2.0 - 16/11/2021


  • Fixed Quiz Reports error with MariaDB
  • Fixed Quiz Attempts of a User Showing in Other Student Reports
  • Fixed Unable to Take Test For Multiple Students at a Time issue


  • Added MariaDB Support (Version > 10.3)
  • Right-to-Left (RTL) Support
  • Multi-Language Translation Ready - Both User & Admin Dashboards
  • Fully Configurable Custom Home Page - Top Bar, Hero, Features, Categories, Statistics, Testimonials, Footer Call-To-Action, Footer Links & Social Links
  • Custom Theme Color - Primary Color & Secondary Color
  • Custom Font Settings
  • White Logo for Dark Backgrounds
  • Fix Storage Links through Maintenance Settings

1.1.0 - 08/08/2021


  • Multiple blanks issue with Fill in the Blank (FIB) question type has been fixed


  • Admin & Instructors can access the overall and detailed reports of User Quiz and Practice sessions.
  • Admin & Instructors can download detailed reports of User Quiz and Practice sessions in Excel format.
  • Users can download their Quiz Score Report Cards in PDF format.

1.0.0 - 28/07/2021

First Release

  • Released the first version of QwikTest.
  • Quiz and Practice Sets.
  • Supports 7 Types of Questions
  • Comprehension, Audio & Video attachments